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INGEBORGs artistry, her singing and her online + on camera presence has gained her quite an audience, especially on social media. Over the last years INGEBORG has build up her fanbase and touches many young souls every day through her music and appearance, and people often praise her honesty in both.

She is now releasing the popballad «The things I never said/ Det jeg aldri sa». The track is a follow-up on the single «Heartbeat/Hjertebank», which has been radio-listed on NRK p3 and NRK mp3 since the release in March. «Det jeg aldri sa» came to life during a cold January weekend in a lockeddown Oslo. Together with the talented producer Markus Vikstvedt and the amazing songwriter Synne Vo, the creative atmosphere was set.

Out came an organic and raw pop-ballad with beautiful string arrangements by LA-based Stevie Blacke. Blacke has worked with artists like Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Timbaland and Madonna. «Det jeg aldri sa» reflects on relations that never managed to evolve beyond friendship due to the lack of communication and fear of rejection. INGEBORGs talent, energy, hard work and artistic integrity lets us know that she has something to show us – and we can’t wait to hear her story.

«Det jeg aldri sa» – INGEBORG

Hjertebank anbefalt av NRK P3 URØRT

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