Who is Ingeborg?

Ingeborg made her mark when she reached the semi-finals of «The Voice Norway» in 2017 with Morten Harket from A-ha as her mentor. Her duett from The Voice have 26 million views on the Youtube plattform The Voice Global. In the fall of 2019, she starred in Alexander Rybak’s critically acclaimed musical «Trolle and the magic fiddle». Ingeborg has also been a guest on «Beat for beat» and «Allsang på Grensen» and recently released her first single «Faded Away», produced in collaboration with Chris Medina, among others. She has been active with singing and theater at home in Sarpsborg from an early age, and received at age 13 a scholarship from the Norwegian Council of Schools of Music and Performing Arts. She is currently writing new music and working freelance in TV, theater and events.

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